Saturday, February 6, 2010

Alpha Mom

Lee called me an Alpha Mom today.  He calls me this a lot and so I wonder what it really means.  Is he complimenting me?  "You are such a great Mom that I am going to call you Alpha Mom."  NO!  He is actually making a sarcastic comment.   Now listen to what he calls me this for.  I gave some things to Kaylee's Mothers Day Out school, so they gave me a nice thank you in the newsletter.  I thought it was nice, but Lee said quit trying to be an Alpha Mom.  Geez!  SO, I was donating more things to them this week and I ASKED them to please NOT mention it in the newsletter.  I honestly felt rude telling the teachers that.  They were apologetic and that is not how I wanted them to feel at all.  Anyway, I don't listen to Lee anymore.  I will now take that as a compliment because I would rather be an Alpha Mom than not, so there, hmph.