Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nice Weekend

I love it when we have a good weekend!  Got tons of stuff done around the house although no one but us would be able to tell.  We got the boys a really cool radio flyer wagon (real metal with rubber wheels and all) for 20 bucks on craigslist.  We took pics of Kaylee pulling the boys in it today.  I will post those later.  Last night Kaylee and I had a girl's night with her friend from school Kylie and her mom.  We saw Tooth Fairy.  It was cute.  During a hockey scene Kaylee started yelling "go horns!" and throwing up her longhorn fingers.  Good thing her Daddy didn't see that.  Joe and Susan came over for steaks tonight and were shocked to see the boys walking around like they were.  I guess it had been a while since they saw them.  And another week begins......

Monday, February 15, 2010

My daughter is hilarious!

So Kaylee put Tyson outside this morning.  I said "Kaylee, let Tyson in it is cold outside."  Kaylee says "He's a dog, Mom."  I said "what?"  Kaylee says "I wasn't speaking spanish!"  WHERE does she get this stuff?  Now I think this is all out of the blue.  Well today she was talking giberish a lot.  Finally I asked her why she was doing that and she told me she was speaking spanish.  Apparently she thinks she is bilingual.  So I asked her to say something in spanish and she just says a bunch of giberish and I asked her what she said..."I said, stop talking to me right now, I'm busy."  She had a nice playdate today with her friend Kylie from school.  They played so good together.  The boys are running all over this house now too.  They played football with their daddy tonight.  I really think Clayton is trying to run!  He will walk SO fast.  It is cute.  I need to figure out how to put video on here, so i can post some.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Black and Blue

I have been waiting for bruises on the boys head to go away so I can get a picture of them for their birthday invitation.  Well, the second I think they are starting to fade, one of them will do something else that makes him look black and blue.  These boys look like they beat their head against the floor.  I may just have to take the picture and try to edit the bruises out.  It doesn't help that my children have no pigmentation whatsoever.  Between Lee and I, they don't have much color to their skin.  Poor Babies.  Maybe if the sun ever comes out again we can spend some time outside and get a little tan going.  Probably not.  They will most like burn then peel, like me.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Alpha Mom

Lee called me an Alpha Mom today.  He calls me this a lot and so I wonder what it really means.  Is he complimenting me?  "You are such a great Mom that I am going to call you Alpha Mom."  NO!  He is actually making a sarcastic comment.   Now listen to what he calls me this for.  I gave some things to Kaylee's Mothers Day Out school, so they gave me a nice thank you in the newsletter.  I thought it was nice, but Lee said quit trying to be an Alpha Mom.  Geez!  SO, I was donating more things to them this week and I ASKED them to please NOT mention it in the newsletter.  I honestly felt rude telling the teachers that.  They were apologetic and that is not how I wanted them to feel at all.  Anyway, I don't listen to Lee anymore.  I will now take that as a compliment because I would rather be an Alpha Mom than not, so there, hmph. 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nutty Brown.....We were Nutty alright!

Not sure what we were thinking when we invited the Massey's to eat out at Nutty Brown with us. least they got dinner AND a show!  Clayton yelled A LOT for food.  I swear he had dinner before we got there, but the boy acted like he hadn't eaten in weeks.  Cody threw a bowl off the table and it broke in a million pieces.  Clayton grabbed several handfuls of mashed potatoes and smeared it all over his face.  Classy, very classy.  I will say we barely heard a peep out of Jack, Maddie, or Kaylee.  Oh and Jason was very upset that the All You Can Eat Catfish really meant "how long are you willing to wait".  Good Times.