Saturday, January 30, 2010

Typical Saturday

Lee and I started the day with only two kids at home, the boys.  Kaylee was at her Grandparents house.  Short one kid makes us feel spontaneous, so we planned an outing to do some shopping.  We soon realized the boys with or without their big sister are still a handful to shop with, to say the least.  So we went home.  Kaylee came home later with the Grandparents and we had dinner at the Massey's (always a good time).  Clayton was hilarious at the dinner table!  The quiet one, usually, he was yelling at me to feed him more pasta from my plate.  I mean yelling.  It was so cute.  A quick update on the boys.  Cody is walking like a pro now, more than he crawls.  Clayton can walk, but has to be motivated and sometimes still wont do it.  They are relatively quiet boys compared to their big sister who had mastered many words by this age, but they are boys and also twins, so Dr said they may have their own language first, cool.  This is my first official blog.....stay tuned for more.